Update from Urbana

Things continue to go well down at the Lodge in Urbana.

As you know, the new Lodge is located at 606 West Ohio Street, in Urbana. This is not the most ideal location for a fraternity on the University of Illinois campus, and the actives knew going in that their top priority would be pulling off a strong recruitment in their first year in the new Lodge.

It looks as if they are succeeding. After initiating a respectable eight new members in December, the actives have secured a pledge class of four potential new members this semester. While that might not sound like a large number to many alumni, it tops the number of many Spring pledge classes that the Alpha has secured in past years at the old Lodge that was located in the heart of campus. With twelve new members for the year, the actives are showing that the location of the new Lodge will not hinder their ability to grow the Alpha in the coming years.

The other top priority for the actives this year was improving their collective GPA, and they have done that as well. The Alpha’s Fall GPA rose an entire tenth of a point, to 2.93. While not yet to the level that they want it to be, the improvement is notable, and the actives should be congratulated!